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Creative work at a distance

Hosted on April 23, 2020

Learn about the challenges creative teams have been facing in this distributed environment and how our teams have been working to overcome them.

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About the Webinar

In Creative Work at a Distance, a panel of our team leads and practitioners will have a discussion around how we’ve been making the space for meaningful creation without sharing a physical space. We will discuss the challenges that we’re facing working in this distributed environment and how our teams have been working to overcome them.


This is a part of our ongoing webinar series on tackling design and technology challenges.

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About the Speakers

Dan Singer

Senior Experience Designer

The “ethnographer” of Think Company, Dan has years of experience in ethnomusicology & anthropology, conducting fieldwork with performers from small-town Virginia jam sessions to Beijing nightclubs—which provides a sense of his approach and thoroughness on our projects! His professional background is in UX strategy and engineering project management, and he has presented on how marginality and identity factor into ethical design. You’re as likely to bump into Dan as he’s walking with his head buried in a book as you are when he’s hosting the local game night!

Allison Drechsler

Manager, Design

The “empiricist” of Think Company, Allison has a deep passion for creating beautiful and functional experiences that not only solve pain points but also provide unexpected delight in accounting for unrealized needs. She’s done this in various settings: global consulting, agency, and non-profit—making her a well-rounded designer with experience in many facets of UX and visual design. Outside of work, she digs knitting, baking, and traveling near and far!

Danielle Traitz

Senior Design Lead

The “globetrotter” of Think Company, Danielle gets jazzed by opportunities to design things that will make people’s lives easier and tasks more efficient no matter the subject—she’s demystified buying the perfect bottle of wine all the way to planning for your financial future. A hands-on researcher and immersive “method designer”, she’s also a big international traveler, skier, adventurous eater and classically trained singer!

Ryan Killeen

Senior Software Developer

The “illuminator” of Think Company, Ryan was originally a lighting designer—the principles of color, motion, focus and timing interestingly translating beautifully to design-focused front-end development. He’s a guy who takes great pleasure in following symptoms back to the root cause, empowering others, and continuous learning.

Thanks for Watching!

Thanks for watching Creative Work at a Distance. Below you’ll find some resources that Dan, Allison, Danielle, and Ryan mentioned during the presentation.


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Resources from the presentation

Donut – Use it to connect on a regular cadence with your coworkers.

Miro – This is the best tool out there for virtual whiteboarding.

Lookback – This is a great user experience recording platform.

JQBX – Want to listen to the same playlist as your colleagues while distributed? JQBX will keep you connected.

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