Success Stories

Infusion Pump Dosing Management Platform Sponsored by a Hospital System

The Opportunities

  • Infusion pumps commonly used for administering medication allow healthcare professionals to program upper and lower dosing limits to reduce human error. However, few organizations take advantage of this feature or have the right limits set; nearly all medications require multiple dosing entries for unique patient populations. With thousands of medications to be programmed, management was becoming overwhelming and extremely time consuming
  • Software tools provided by pump manufacturers were poorly designed, lacked workflow and standards, relied on highly manual processes and required a substantial amount of training and retraining
  • As a leading medical institution, the client had multiple pumps from different manufacturers with different administration and reporting interfaces

The Solution

We created an intuitive, automated interface for the management and reporting of all pumps across manufacturer types, made highly sought-after dosing recommendations (generated by the institution) available to other healthcare providers, and ultimately improved healthcare while reducing errors and driving down costs.

  • Infusion Compliance statistics in the Pediware application
  • Bar graph detailing does alerts
  • Module showing various options for a hospital PC unit
  • Information graphic of Pediware data updates

Our Approach

  • Performed extensive evaluation of existing software and workflows to generate recommendations based on usability best practices
  • Created an early proof-of-concept for executive stakeholders to determine viability and pricing with potential customers, evaluate the effectiveness of the product in real world settings, and make the business case to bring this product to market
  • Performed design validation with stakeholders
  • Redesigned the software interface and provided a Build Kit® with all design guidelines and front-end assets to support the build
  • Detail page of Cefazolin within the Pediware application
  • Line graph detailing catches per infusion pumps
  • Bar graph detailing pump starts and infusions
  • Two bar graphs detailing pump updates and overrides