Case Study

Holistic UX (digital and non-digital), Brand Extension Strategy & Flagship Website for Ivy League University

The Challenge

  • Existing assets (both digital and analog) and processes aligned with how the organization was structured rather than the mental models and workflows of the various stakeholder groups
  • Many non-university work-arounds were being created and shared to fill the gaps left by official offerings
  • The university was behind other competitive institutions in terms of a deliberate, thoughtful, integrated experience for all user groups within their ecosystem; they realized they could not expect to continue seriously competing based on primarily their name and reputation

The Goal

Articulate the student journey from prospective student through to long-term alumni, and redesign the experience to include an intuitive, evidence-based mix of the digital and physical, and a consistent, complimentary experience over time

Our Approach

  • Performed extensive qualitative research on the experience of being a student of a top-tier MBA program, beginning with the experience of researching elite graduate schools through application, attending and becoming alumni
  • Our researchers analyzed experiences and touchpoints from each stage, and articulated a more seamless and consistent experience throughout
  • Out of the vision came recommendations for multiple enhancements to the experience, the first being a full redesign of the flagship website, focusing on a more modern, responsive interface; and a fluid, persona-based content strategy

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