The Opportunities

  • Existing learning portal was built on a platform that was only available via laptop/desktop when the majority of global users used mobile/tablet devices
  • The legacy presentation of courses consisted mainly of lists of titles; text-based, with little insight into the content, applicability, or personal relevance
  • Presentation of content didn’t drive curiosity or excitement; there was very little engagement with content unless mandated even though much valuable content was available

The Solution

We empowered employees of a large electronics manufacturer to take control of their professional development and advancement within the company, and subsequently designed a straightforward solution that allows employees to conduct training on the device of their choice.

Our Approach

  • Designed a new, fully responsive, multilingual learning portal for a global manufacturer of highly engineered connectors, sensors and electronic components
  • Started with research through proof-of-concept, design validation performed upon that concept, and then full design of the platform. Included in-depth technical support on multiple platforms