Success Stories

Alumni Research and Engagement Strategy for a Private University

The Challenge

  • Prestigious, private university sought to reverse a noticeable multi-year decline in donations
  • Feedback suggested donors were feeling distanced from the university, weren’t in agreement with recent policy changes, and were frustrated that donations couldn’t be directed to specific departments/initiatives
  • The university admitted that they didn’t have a strong sense of alumi wants, needs, and goals, particularly in relation to donation triggers

The Goal

Provide insights and recommendations necessary to increase endowment contributions—provide a clear, objective picture of donors and how they wish to be treated

Our Approach

  • Performed quantitative and qualitative research to develop an objective understanding of the communication and connection preferences of alumni
  • Personas and targeted strategies for engaging with each were constructed by uncovering preferences regarding interactions with and messaging from the university, successful interaction channels and tactics in their general lives, strategies that are most likely to be effective in driving financial support, perception of the university as an enduring presence in their lives, and emotional connection points