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Interactive SketchNotes: “Leveraging Seductive Interaction Design”

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Not long ago, a few of us Thinkers gathered around the Polycom and projector for one of UIE’s famed Virtual Seminars: Leveraging Seductive Interaction Design with Stephen Anderson. I’ve been practicing Interaction Design for the better part of 5 years now, and when a deck of Stephen’s Mental Notes cards recently started floating around the ThinkSpace, it sparked some great new debate and thought – so we jumped on the opportunity to attend and kick some of these ideas around further with the man himself.

Rather than do the complete play-by-play here on our blog, I encourage you to flip through the interactive sketch notes that I captured during the event which include highlights and links to related information. You can also view a very similar presentation to what was covered in the seminar from Stephen on SlideShare. Enjoy!

Mike's Sketchnotes from UIE Virtual Seminar: Seductive Interaction Design