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Ivan Gets It: Getting Your Point Across

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Phil Charron Executive Vice President December 2, 2008

Last night I was enjoying an IM conversation with a former colleague of mine. Among the topics was a bit of a gripe session about some designers we’ve known who insist on creating Flash applications inside of browsers that look and function more like a software application than a web app. I think I said something like, “Not only do you lose a lot of real estate by building a frame within a browser frame, but you’re limiting any kind of expandability by building a frame in the first place.” I thought I was soooo smart.

This morning I started catching up on some of my blogs and Darryl over at Plaid wrote about Ringo by Ivan Tihienko.

This is still a concept piece done for a final project at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, but it blows away my thoughts about the limitations of a frame.

Why does Ivan get it? Aside from coming up with a cool idea, Ivan found a way to demonstrate it in a compelling and entertaining way. How many great ideas have been destroyed by the 30-minute PowerPoint presentation meant to pitch the idea? This is the same reason car manufacturers create unbuildable prototypes.

Will Ringo ever be built? Who knows. But it has more potential to inspire the next generation of UIs to be built than a flash app in a browser window.

Way to go Ivan!

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