While our coordinated DEI initiative began in 2019, our journey through the pandemic sparked deeper introspection, dialogue, learning, and rapid change. We shifted from a mid-sized, studio-based company to a remote-first national consultancy, with employees located all over the country working remotely. This change wrought a transformation in our processes, culture and identity. But perhaps more than that, we found ourselves with a different perspective, and with new and different challenges to address.

A diverse set of Designers and Technologists discussing a project


Employee representation


The makeup of male and female Thinkers

At the time of this report, we are unable to report on gender representation beyond the binary. This is a result of the constraints of our reporting tools and platforms and is not a complete reflection of our team.  As we look forward, we will strive to capture data that reflects the true identities of our team, the diversity of gender expression and experiences outside of the gender binary.


The composition of our departments at a glance

Business development • 1 Female, 2 Male

Client engagement • 1 Female, 2 Male

Design • 48 Female, 17 Male

Executive Team • 1 Female, 2 Male

Internal Ops • 9 Female, 0 Male

Project Management • 11 Female, 4 Male

Sales & Marketing • 5 Female, 3 Male

Technology & Development • 6 Female, 13 Male



The many backgrounds of Thinkers

In 2022, we reevaluated many of our recruiting, hiring, and training efforts to better support our values and goals for a more diverse and equitable workforce. There is considerable opportunity for us to improve in this area in order to better reflect the community where we are headquartered (Philadelphia) and where we operate (nationally across the U.S.).


Thinkers of all ages—the numbers

20-29 Years • 24 Thinkers

30-39 Years • 68 Thinkers

40-49 Years 24 Thinkers

50-59 Years 9 Thinkers


Looking ahead

We know we have a long way to go until our organization reflects the makeup of our surroundings. In 2023 we will:

  • Release this report, our first public-facing DEI report that will share our progress towards greater representation. This report will be released annually, ensuring we hold ourselves accountable in continuing our efforts to measure progress and plan for more action.
  • Conduct an internal DEI survey by Culture Amp, the second one for the company, in order to learn how our efforts are impacting Thinkers, and in what areas people desire more change. This effort will be revisited on a biennial basis.


Designers and Technologists brainstorming


Download the report

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) isn't and shouldn't be a sub-bullet under specific projects or initiatives, but rather something that is considered across everything we do at Think Company. For a more detailed look into what our DEI initiatives look like you can download the full 2022 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report today. You can connect with us any time to talk through questions you have about diversity, equity, and inclusion at Think Company.

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