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Case Study

Thirty applications, one consistent experience.

iPipeline has a revolutionary suite of insurance industry applications, but nearly all of the 8 product lines and 30+ products had different UI designs, taxonomies, and information architecture. It was time to establish a unified UI that would ensure a consistent user experience across their entire product suite, and iPipeline tapped Think Brownstone as the ones to help them do it.

In-Depth Research

Our research needed to answer several questions: Who are the users of this system? What are their goals and tasks across the entire suite? How can we present these diverse products in a unified, consistent, and easy-to-use solution for all these users and goals?

To answer these questions, we conducted a series of Think Sessions™ with iPipeline focusing on their existing UI, as well as their understanding of users and goals. We covered our whiteboards with workflow diagrams and sketches, many drawn by iPipeline themselves (we love when that happens).

Next, we interviewed several of iPipeline’s customers. We asked questions and learned important details about their workflow habits that would inform the design of the new UI. We found out what parts of the current applications they use most, what they love, and what they would change about iPipeline’s products.

A Brand New UI


Our research findings drove our design efforts. As always, it was an iterative process of sketching, reviewing, refining, wireframing, and finally crafting beautiful visual designs of the new UI.

Highlights of that new design included:

  • A more modern look and feel for the entire product suite
  • A consistent, task-based navigation ribbon
  • Cross-product search, enabling users to see client records across all products
  • Centralized, prominent placement of alert messages
  • Quick access to users’ most-recently viewed records
  • Skins allowing users to coordinate the UI with their company’s brand identity


Making it Mobile


Through our research (and some of their own) iPipeline identified several key parts of their product suite that would be offered to customers as part of an iPipeline mobile app. We talked to existing iPipeline customers to prioritize mobile use cases, and then designed the UI for iPipeline’s mobile app so that customers could accomplish tasks (such as running a quote, starting an insurance application, or accessing customer records) quickly and easily on their mobile phone or tablet.


The Build Kit


Our final step was to provide iPipeline with a Build Kit® containing everything their developers would need to build the new user interface to spec: requirements, annotated wireframes and mockups, styleguides for perpetual interface elements, and cross-browser-tested web-standards-compliant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript templates.

iPipeline is now in the process of rolling out the new UI to its customers, and the word on the street is that users are delighted. That’s the idea!

“Think Brownstone is a creative bunch with business minds.”

Timothy Wallace, CEO at IPipeline