Case Study

Social Media Strategy & Integration for a Fortune 250 Transportation Services Company

The Challenge

  • Customers pointed out that the existing website felt dated and static
  • Brand presence and messaging on multiple digital channels was fractured and inconsistent, with very different content and experiences for customers depending on the channel; also no elegant/intuitive handoffs between the channels
  • Rich content being posted on social channels wasn’t being leveraged in any way by the existing website to help reinforce valuable messages and drive customer action

The Goal

Re-establish competitive advantage with a comprehensive social media strategy that augments static content, creates a feeling of relevance and “life” across all digital properties, and ultimately drives business

Our Approach

  • Delivered a social media integration strategy focused on enhancing the existing personal truck rental site and making recommendations based on targeted research and user experience audits
  • Design recommendations bolstered elegant/intuitive handoffs between channels from a user experience standpoint, and logical exploitation of rich content to help reinforce value messages
  • Included the creation of design assets for implementation with associated code

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