Case Study

Property Inspection & Appraisal Web App for Commercial Real Estate

The Challenge

  • Competitors were stealing customers with technologically inferior products that had better user interfaces and overall experiences
  • Customers demanded a system that would make common, often repetitive tasks easier, and visualize/contextualize them according to typical industry workflows

The Goal

Revolutionize the commercial real estate evaluation and appraisal process by creating a digital tracking platform that aligns to real-world workflows and provides proactive alerts

Our Approach

  • Redesigned the UI of the legacy web app, focusing on reorganization of tasks based on real-world workflow, allowing the system to proactively raise issues, and maintain to-do lists based on system data as opposed to users having to “hunt for problems”
  • Updated the UI of the application to meet modern web application best practices and exploit more sophisticated front-end UI components
  • Established a pleasing visual aesthetic aimed at significantly differentiating against competitive offerings

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