Case Study

Research, Strategy & Future Visioning for a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company

The Challenge

  • Company and healthcare professionals using their products communicated that the existing engagement model, available channels, and assets provided through those channels were inconsistent, fractured, and there was no seamless movement across channels
  • Company was challenged by executive management to remedy this situation with both short-term meaningful changes and a long-term vision for an ideal state that could then be used to generate a roadmap for projects

The Goal

Create a comprehensive digital strategy for a major pharmaceutical company to increase the ease, consistency and effectiveness of engaging with healthcare professionals

Our Approach

  • Worked with a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company to fully document the existing state of interaction with healthcare professionals—including content inventory and analysis, stakeholder interviews and touchpoint mapping—and used findings and best practices for human engagement (across all industries) to articulate the vision of a more ideal future
  • Implications and recommendations were then used in conjunction with that work to create a roadmap of projects necessary to achieve the vision

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