Case Study

Redesign and Development of the Corporate Intranet for a Large Pharmaceutical Company

The Challenge

  • Employees were frustrated by having to use multiple intranets with different aesthetics and interaction models; existing intranets were organized based on company structure rather than employee workflows and mental models; the organization and taxonomy of the information made it difficult to find what they needed when they needed it
  • Objective usage data for the intranet was extremely poor, and employees were creating numerous, inconsistent workarounds to make up for the deficiencies of the official company assets

The Goal

Redesign an outdated, cluttered, and fractured intranet into a consistent, intuitive platform focused on driving operational efficiency and increased collaboration

Our Approach

  • Created a new taxonomy that aligned with the mental models of actual users, and redesigned the visual presentation layer to create a more current look and feel but still remain aligned with company branding guidelines and constraints of the chosen platform
  • Provided front-end code in the form of a Build Kit® to facilitate the rapid development of the new platform
  • Designed and ran a series of seminars on social media for legal and regulatory teams, development of records management and event tracker features, and standardized presentation decks that aligned with the redesign

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