Case Study

Digital Personal Health Tracker Research and Proof-of-Concept for a Global Healthcare Marketing Firm

The Challenge

  • Company desired to create a new, differentiated product that would be financially viable, improve health outcomes, and add value for sponsors and retail partners
  • The client wisely requested a preliminary analysis to: clearly define personas within the target audience, assess market viability, and begin to define optimal scope/approach to create a unique user experience that would stimulate frequent, repeat customer engagement and garner paying sponsorship participation

The Goal

Validate the market and create a proof-of-concept for a potential digital tool aimed at tracking personal prescriptions and ongoing adherence to refilling and taking medication

Our Approach

  • Performed in-depth qualitative and quantitative research to validate the market need and interest, including a proof-of-concept used to validate anticipated features
  • Based on our assessment of competitive offerings already in the marketplace and ambiguity on the part of the target audience, our client did not move forward—saving time and money by not investing in the creation of a product that would not address an unmet need; viewed as a positive outcome by all

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