Case Studies

On-Site Dedicated Front-End Development Team at a Fortune 50 Media Company

developers coding website in meeting room

The Opportunities

  • Existing design assets (provided by legacy agencies-of-record) were often flat images and lacked example code for implementation and adequate support documentation for translation and implementation
  • Traditional waterfall methodology used across multiple project teams caused project delays and conflict with the business and executive management

The Solution

We deployed a dedicated team of web developers to support multiple replatforming initiatives with aggressive timelines across business units for a leading media company.

Our Approach

  • Provided a team of nine highly-skilled web developers to help the engineering division realize replatforming and redesign goals (including the company’s public home page, business services, and customer billing sites)
  • Drove the transition from waterfall project management to Agile/Scrum
  • Our developers not only wrote and integrated code in a .NET C#/Sitecore CMS environment, but worked with business analysts (to write better user stories with clear acceptance criteria), designers (to adapt the user experience to meet expansive browser support and accessibility requirements), back-end developers (to correctly estimate, task out, and complete work), and quality assurance (to demonstrate successful completion with high quality)
  • Cataloged technical debt in the existing platform and helped the organization prioritize it against new feature development while also supporting greenfield development efforts to build the next-generation platform for the eBusiness organization