Case Study

Internal Collaboration Portal for Global Digital Banking Company

The Challenge

  • Being a large organization, there was a lack of broad social and professional connections internally; this made it difficult to find people with appropriate knowledge and expertise needed to accomplish business goals and resulted in a lot of duplicated effort
  • Lack of a platform for sharing and archiving corporate updates and internal knowledge
  • Interest in creating a richer on-boarding experience that facilitates exposure to a large amount of coworkers and quicker acclimation to the overall company culture

The Goal

Make digital collaboration across a global company as intuitive and familiar as interacting on leading social media platforms

Our Approach

  • Designed and tested a prototype of an internal collaboration portal for a multi-billion dollar global company with the expressed challenge of using Facebook interaction conventions
  • Designs explored and validated in this proof-of-concept would then resurface in subsequent internal platforms

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