Case Study

eCommerce Purchasing Research and Redesign Recommendations for Global Clothing Retailer

The Challenge

  • Company was not convinced that all digital channels were accurately reflecting and extending the brand, engaging customers, and driving sales
  • The shopping experience was not optimized for mobile users
  • Company did not have accurate personas representing their archetypical customers that could be used to assess potential strategies and design ideas

The Goal

Accurately define the archetypical shoppers that make up the customer base and provide design recommendations to optimize their experience according to digital shopping patterns, wants, and unmet needs

Our Approach

  • Assessed the effectiveness of existing eCommerce navigation schemes and nomenclature and created detailed personas to clearly identify the customer base
  • Used objective research to design the best approach for account registration, checkout, and the capture of personal data (particularly via mobile devices)
  • Assessed user engagement and preferences for shopping/purchasing on mobile and tablet
  • Provided research-based recommendations for expanding the franchise to the UK

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