Case Study

Emergency Room Intake and Triage Process Redesign for University Hospital System

The Challenge

  • Feedback from patients, caregivers, administrative workers and physicians pointed to the process of entering the Emergency Room, registering, and moving through to triage being very confusing
  • Lack of clear signage and low comfort level experienced (cramped, confused, less-than-ideal aesthetic consideration) while waiting for treatment

The Goal

Improve the layout and design of a busy Philadelphia hospital within significant space and budget limitations to optimize care, comfort and safety

Our Approach

  • Researched patient, caregiver, physician and visitor movement through the existing emergency room via contextual inquiry and provided floorplan and signage redesigns to better align with known workflows and mental models
  • Resulted in the creation of a secondary waiting room, creating a feeling of continual progress, maintaining patient privacy, and optimizing the number of patients that could be comfortably serviced

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